Tiger Mountain  
Developed by Team Chirico in cooperation with the DNR and King County

The development of Tiger Mountain as a major metropolitan paragliding flight park has been an ongoing labor of love. Tiger provides a close-to-home gateway for Seattle residents, impressively, where no other opportunity existed before, to realize their dreams to fly.

The Chirico Trail was built with permission from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to help reduce traffic on the road. DNR also approved a shuttle service, which takes paragliders to Poo Poo Point for a fee of $17. Walking the trail is free and accessible to all.

I would like the flying community to recognize the unnamed Super Heros and supporters who were an active part of the Tiger metamorphosis of these two once ragged, jagged, tree and stump-strewn dropoffs... into graceful, grassy, slope launches worthy of world-class paragliding mention... as well as our beautiful landing field.

Support from the Government
Department of Natural Resources (launch area):
Doug McClelland, Larry Fry, Brian Vrablick, Jim Matthews, and Susan Coombs-Bauer for support and cooperation on this state forest land.

King County (landing area):
Joe Wilson (King County property manager) and Terry Mozingo (Roads and Engineering Division) for our beautiful landing zone, parking area and harmonious
salmon stream. South launch

Support From Our Flying Community
Davis Straub - who (in 1990) first pointed out the way to proceed (through DNR) to rennovate Poo-Poo Point.
Jim Garner - who saw to the logistics around the all important first bulldozing in 1991.

Bob Kenagy, Craig & Brian Graber - for several years of (DNR approved) MAJOR tree cutting that cleared the forest, now open expanses... as well as Larry Gault who has been a force unto himself with such strong energy, creativity and vivre.

Jerry Sunick - for a week's worth of very professional earth-moving equipment, expertise, and fuel (for the major 1995 South Launch installation).

Davis Clapp - for providing rental bulldozers and a wide variety of support, over the years, that included... Von Zimmerman - our over-the-edge bulldozer operator (north and south launch work).

Captain Dave Norris - who inspired me to go forward without financial fear on the major south launch development. Dave also donated a new chainsaw to beat up on trail creation and stump removal work.

Wally Adams, Rick & Jeannie Hubbard, & Rob Andrews - for heavy equipment procurement and avid work party participation.

Jim Lorenz - for heaps of horse manure and Bryan Bergstedt for hauling many loads up that long road with his dump truck.

Dan Krich, Kim Smith & Mark Heckler - for an awesome summit wind sock.

Liasons and Administration: Lee Crabtree, Ken Seligman...

Tiger Work Party Soldiers and Blister Bearers: Archie Butler, Larry Bryan, Clyde Caldwell, Andrew Clarke, Brian Countryman, Steve Cotter, Lee Crabtree, Mark Davis, Mark Eduljee, Lee Ford, Michael & Darla & Keven Green, Rob Heim, Andy "Axe Handle" Hjellen, John Jackson, Paul Jacroux, Bryce James, Terry Kowing, Grego Lasek, Paul Klemond, Scott & Leslie MacInnes, Bill Mickel, Michael Miller, Andy Nelson, Chuck Olsen, Roy Olson, Mark Place, Dan Peterson, Dale Rowe, Arnie Seelig, Steve Steckmeyer, Brogan Thomsen, Greg Wong...

For those who have not been mentioned, thank you for your donations of time and money... you know who you are.

Lastly, much appreciation to my wife, Lan "Gone" Chirico, for her support of me... throughout my pursuit of this dream.

Marc Chirico

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