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Want to take a flight? Give us a call and we'll take you on a tandem instructional flight. Your tandem instructor will provide you with instruction, a harness, helmet, and everything else needed for your first flight.

The cost is $225 ($250 on weekends and holidays) and is 100% deductible from the full course instruction fee should you decide to proceed with instruction and become a fully-certified paragliding pilot. The price does not include the shuttle ride up, payble to a third party for $20.

Give us a call at 206.387.3477.

To pay online email Lan Chirico for a secure link.

Available Time Slots
You Arrive at:   Shuttle Departs
Promptly at:

I-90 east
Exit 17 (Front Street exit)
Right & South on Front Street
Go 2.8 miles
Seattle Paragliding is on the left.

Look for our paragliding mural.

You can also map quest our location for directions:
Seattle Paragliding
11206 Issaquah Hobart Rd SE,
Issaquah, WA 98027

Payments can be mailed to the address above.

Memorable Paragliding Tandem Parties & Groups

Tiger Mountain "North Launch" with Mt. Rainier in background

Paragliding - After Work Soaring, Tiger Mountain, Issaquah, Washington

We can schedule your party to rendezvous at Tiger Mountain Paragliding
for a memorable TANDEM ADVENTURE!

Allocate 2.5 hours of time, from the time your car arrives to the landing field, until it departs.

You are expected to call Seattle Paragliding between 9 & 11 am, the morning of your flight, to confirm details of the day.

When you arrive, we will have chairs, tables and shade umbrellas set up in the landing field for you and your entourage. We will have one instructor dedicated to each of you.

You will sign a waiver and get on the Tiger Shuttle ($20 fee) that will take you up Tiger Mountain to the launch. You may otherwise choose to hike up to launch via the Chirico Trail (1.5 mile / 1,700' / 45 min to hour climb.

Memorable Pole Camera Photography available. Please request ($40).

- TANDEM Flight Cost is:
$225 ($250 on weekends and holidays).
Check or Cash (no credit card) or pay online with the link at the top.
No Tax on service

Please send pre-payment to:
"Seattle Paragliding"
11206 Issaquah Hobart Rd SE
Issaquah, WA 98027

In the event of poor weather, we will postpone to your next available day!
We can also 100% refund your money.


Our Tiger Mountain "North Launch"

Your Preparation:
Wear good shoes (hiking boots preferably. sneaker OK), long pants, a good wind breaker and a warm sweat shirt, a camera as your hands are free in flight to shoot pictures, etc.
- You may hike (1.5 miles) or drive up on the Tiger Shuttle (currently $20 fee).
- Please allocate 3 hours, from the time you arrive, until the time you leave the Tiger Mountain landing field.
- Do not drink alcohol 12 hours before flying.
- If motion sensitive, refrain from eating 3 hours before flying and consider taking Dramamine or like product. WARNING - a bit graphic (LOL) Paragliding and Super Garlic Round Table Pizza.

Tandem Instructor Shannon Ward and young Dmydro (Pole Cam photos & video)

Tandem Instructor Kassie Vo Chirico flying her Pop...

Seattle Paragliding Photo Gallery

Tandem Instructor Shannon powering 9 yr old Ellis Cox off launch

Memorable Pole Camera Photography available. Please request ($40).

We are Tiger Mountain’s first and only FLIGHT PARK with
our instruction center located HERE, on north border of the landing field:
- Onsite Grassy Beginner Training Hill -
- Para-Barn loaded with 12 Flight Simulators -
- Class Room with Huge Screen TV, Wall Maps & Models -
- Emergency Reserve Parachute Zip Line Training -
- We are responsible for designing and installing the launches on Tiger (with bulldozer and track hoe).

I-90 east
Exit 17 (Front Street exit)
Right & South on Front Street
Go 2.8 miles
Seattle Paragliding is on the left.

Look for our paragliding mural.

You can also map quest our location for directions:
Seattle Paragliding
11206 Issaquah Hobart Rd SE,
Issaquah, WA 98027

Issaquah Forecast

View of international recognized "Tiger Mountain"

A Paraglider is...
basically a micro, portable sailplane that packs in a backpack, and is designed to get high and fly distances. The world distance record now stands at 318 miles.

Given its backpack portability, we can go on all kinds of cool trips. We have utilized horses, sailboats, helicopters... in the pursuit of great paragliding adventure.

Our property is located right here at the paragliding landing field. We have a training hill, paragliding barn and club house all dedicated to paragliding. There is a lot to see.

Most of our flying occurs at Tiger Mountain in Issaquah (20 minutes from Seattle). The best and smoothest flying occurs from 3 PM to 7 PM... which is great for most work schedules.

In short, a tandem instructional flight is $225 ($250 on weekends and holidays). The cost of your exploratory tandem is 100% deductible from the full course instruction fee of $2,650.

Each paragliding tandem affair should take about 3 hours (one on one with the instructor), from the time that your car arrives to the Tiger landing field in Issaquah (20 minutes from Seattle) ... to the time that you depart. In flight photos are available. We strongly suggest you bring your camera up with you.

Tandem Instructor Jared Lyman with 13 yr old Ross

You do as much of the actual navigation of the glider as you wish. Your outing can be a full-on lesson or a relaxed photo outing where you kick back and do nothing but observe.

The best records from our 1,700' Tiger are:
- 6.5 hours Duration
- 12,000' altitude
- landing 50 miles away from the starting point at Tiger.

8 yr old Claire up at 4,000' with Marc Chirico

I am in my 28th year of paragliding and hang gliding... 23 years as a full time, 7 day a week, professional instructor... 19 years serving Washington State. We have a tremendous team of instructors as well as my wife, Lan, and daughter Kassie, who are also instructors.

(6 yr old Spencer... flying tandem
with his Grandpa, Marc Chirico)

All the best,
Spencer, Lan, Marc, Kassie
& our Seattle Paragliding Team
c: 206 387 3477

© 2008 SeattleParagliding