SAT: Lan's Big Season Opener Team Party

Lan cooking for 120+ Team Members..

Saturday Evening
8 to 10:30 pm
Food, Bonfires, Music, Outdoor Video, Old Timers, Camaraderie & Raptors!!
BYOB & Guitar

Chris Santacroce here for this Big Party Weekend !!

Santa Saturday Chalk Talk & Training Hill,
10:30 AM until Noon

Chris' wife Susie is due any moment with their second child... a girl.
"Bunny Wiggles" Santacroce (they have not settled on a name yet)
will be sister to the ever motoring & sprouting Zane...

You can send congrats to Chris, Susie & Zane:

Spring Tiger XC Recon by 6 seat Cessna

This Sunday, June 8th...
Pilot and 6 seater Plane available.
Are you in??!
Email back.

See Tiger Mountain, cross country landing fields & routes,
Very insightful, informative and fun!!!
~ 25 min flight in 6 seat Cessna flown by your Teammate, Mike Angiulo.

Share fuel costs ($30)
Operating from Renton Airfield
Sunday Recon 10 AM to 1 PM affairs - 1.5 hours of your time.
Paraglide Tiger in afternoon.

Tiger Aerial Recon
The best way to cut the umbilical cord to the Tiger LZ is to know where the next LZs are when flying away. We?re planning a series of short sightseeing flights in a private plane to give a relaxed bird?s eye view of the May valley fields, the route to Preston and some options when flying towards Enumclaw. Bring your cameras! Fly with Mike Angiulo, 1000+ hour commercial rated pilot, in a 6 seat 2001 Cessna T206 with TCAS. Flights depart and return to Renton Airport and will be about 25 minutes each. An easy way to get there is take 405 to 167 North, turn right on Airport Way and turn right into the Renton Airport entrance. Right there is a parking lot with a monument and meeting area.

Your Tiger Recon Pilot,

Mike Angiulo


Tom Allen (President of Northwest Paragliding Club)
flying his DHV 2-3 Gin Boom Sport
for the best soaring flight of the day...

from Tiger's South Launch on June 26th. "TORPEDO"
Tom Allen

Best regards,
Marc, Lan & Seattle Paragliding Team
c: 206 387 3477
06.04.08 - Lan's season opener, Santacroce will be here this weekend for Saturday theory, XC Recon in 6 seat Cessna on Sunday

05.30.08 - Zip Line this Saturday, Bob Hand's Epic reserver throw, New tumbles record, Bon Fire this weekend

05.23.08 - Theory this Saturday at 10:30. More Beginner Pics for you

05.16.08 - Theory w/ Drew McNabb and his personal EPIC AEROBATIC VIDEO!!, more 1st solos, upcoming flying, harn(...)

04.27.08 - Recent Mid-Air

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