News For 05.30.08  

This Saturday Zip Line Emergency Reserve Clinic

(Team Event)
9 AM until Noon
- Rare Opportunity to throw your Emergency Reserve Parachute
- Big Screen Video review of your throw
($50 for same day reserve repack by Pastor Mark Miller)
Email if you are in!

Seattle Paragliding Zip Line Emergency Reserve Chute Deployment

May 15th, 2008: Advanced Maneuvers Clinic over water (Issaquah)
Bob Hand's Epic & Reserve throw over Lake Sammamish
>>> cut his new Gin Gangster in two in blown stall surge maneuver <<<

"Syncro Spiral Duet" resulting in Mid-Air & Reserve throw

198 Tumbles !!
Chrigel Maurer has set a new world record for Infinity tumbles.
With an ADVANCE acro glider he put 198 continuous rotations together over Grindelwald.

Last Sunday at 9.00 am Chrigel Maurer released himself from a helicopter at 3500 metres over Grindelwald and had achieved 198 tumbles in only 5 minutes 50 seconds, just missing the planned 200 total. He certainly managed to beat his own previous best of 155 cycles, however.

In these extreme manoeuvres each cycle briefly touches more than 7 G. "This G-change is extremely tough for the body. To set the bar higher, I need more training, so that my body can still better get used to the enormous loading", said Chrigel after landing in Grindelwald.

Immediately afterwards he exchanged the "Akrobat" glider and clothes for his racing equipment and took off only two hours later for the first run of the world cup, held in Grindelwald as well. He made 4th place for day 1.

ADVANCE involvement in the acro field primarily concerns our staff pilots Judith Zweifel, Chrigel Maurer and Andy Hediger, and with it we gain important knowledge for paraglider development. "The enormous loadings are perfect for testing materials and construction techniques", says Thomas Ripplinger, ADVANCE engineer and designer.

Hearty congratulations!


Super Fly Inc.

Friday & Saturday
Afternoon TIGER FLYING !!
Bonfire (& Pot Luck)
Bring something to share.


"5 Laddies" posing in preparation of 1st Solo
Paul Truce Darrell Jesse Pat Womac Ryan White Denny Bromley

See you for this

Marc, Lan & your Seattle Paragliding Team
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06.04.08 - Lan's season opener, Santacroce will be here this weekend for Saturday theory, XC Recon in 6 seat Cessna on Sunday

05.30.08 - Zip Line this Saturday, Bob Hand's Epic reserver throw, New tumbles record, Bon Fire this weekend

05.23.08 - Theory this Saturday at 10:30. More Beginner Pics for you

05.16.08 - Theory w/ Drew McNabb and his personal EPIC AEROBATIC VIDEO!!, more 1st solos, upcoming flying, harn(...)

04.27.08 - Recent Mid-Air

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