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Saturday, April 26th Mid-Air at Tiger
150 flight Ladi (425 691 7015) had just launched, went mid way to the Kingdome, dialed a 360 in traffic. He did not see Mike Brand (quiet, quality veteran pilot). Ladi was in the air for under 2 minutes. This was Ladi's 5th flight of the season. Ladi's approach had him over flying the LZ (nice, north conditions) and land in our yard.

Streamers for students and...
high risk pilots given epic, repeat (traffic) offences thereby giving fair warning to the rest of the airborne community.
- Chirico

Ode to Kevin White (& Mike Brand)
Clowns to the left of me... Jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you.

It is Spring 2008: Come on out with charged battery & fresh video tape...


From: "Michael Brand"
Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2008 20:31:50
Subject: [nwparagliding] Tiger Incident on Saturday

Hi All,
There was a mid-air collision today at Tiger and I wanted to post a quick note to let everyone know that both pilots are unharmed and completely OK. Beyond that, I won?t be able to offer much insight into what actually happened, so the educational value of this note will be limited.

Myself (Mike Brand) and Ladi collided in the bowl in front of the north launch, just to the west of the KingDome and (I think) a bit below launch level. Ladi hit my wing from behind (about the right 1/3 point) and became entangled in my wing and lines. My trailing edge was approximately in his lap. We were still flying (somewhat) and not plummeting, so I waited and watched for about 10 seconds to see if he could dislodge himself and also to see if he would throw his reserve. We were not far above the trees, and after a few seconds, my best guess was that he was not going to free himself from my wing, so I threw my reserve. Very shortly after that, Ladi was dislodged. Fortunately, Ladi was able to fly away. And fortunately, I had an uneventful and soft landing. I did have some difficulty disabling my wing. It was downplaning and very difficult to pull in. But I did get it disabled and a few seconds after that was on the ground.

I wish I could offer more useful or insightful information, but this is all I know at this point. I have spoken with Ladi and he will soon post a note to share with us what he knows about the incident. And hopefully, after all of the discussion is complete, there will be some nugget of insight that can help all of us be safer and better pilots.

And lastly a huge thanks to Conrad for making the difficult trip down to my LZ and helping me get my wing out of the tree AND leading me back up the hill. Very, very much appreciated. Thanks Conrad!!

Mike Brand
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