Your solo instruction will take you up to your P4 rating. (250 solo flights) and includes the following:

Up to 5 tandem flights with an instructor
P1 through P4 instruction/guidance
Use of a radio equipped helmet to P2 rating
Ground handling instruction
Theory classes
Program student discount (at cost) on designated trips.
A paragliding manual and flight log book

The cost of the program is $2,650. There is no time limit or duration allowing you to get the required number of flights at your own pace.

For more information call us at 206.387.3477 or e mail us at marc@seattleparagliding.com

We are the only local school offering the following:
training hill

 We are the only local school which has a dedicated training hill. This not only allows you to simulate numerous launches in a short period of time but also allows practice in a controlled environment. Improving your launch technique here allows you to get into the air faster.

We're also able to video your launches and immediately let you review it to see what you did right or wrong. You can then work on correcting any errors or refine an existing technique.

More photos of our training hill >
dedicated classroom

Our classroom comfortably holds 30 people. It includes a harness simulator, large screen TV, giant topographical maps, 3D models of Tiger Mt, a white board and other items used to help make you a better pilot.

We hold "Chalk Talk" class Saturdays (10:30 to 12:00) which discusses everything from basic launching and landing techniques to thermalling and on to more advanced topics such as competition flying and acrobatics. Throughout the year we have several guest speakers by nationally recognized pilots. Topics ranges from long cross country flying, understanding weather, acrobatics and much more.

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private zip line

Our on-site zip line gives you the opportunity to practice throwing your reserve chute.

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