Harness Barn  
 As shown here we have a dedicated space which supports up to 12 harness simulators. This allows you to sit in a harness and practice "weight shifting" while an instructor observes and gives you immediate feedback.

Looking to buy a new harness? Our harness barn gives you the opportunity to sit in several different harness brands and sizes to choose the harness that is right for your body and skill level. It also gives you the opportunity to make adjustments to the harness to get that perfect fit.

Your solo instruction will take you up to your P4 rating. (250 solo flights) and includes the following:

• Up to 5 tandem flights with an instructor
• P1 through P4 instruction/guidance
• Use of a radio equipped helmet to P2 rating
• Ground handling instruction
• Theory classes
• A paragliding manual and flight log book
• Administration of 4 USHPA sanctioned exams

The cost of the program is $2,650 (includes your first year's obligatory $150 membership to USHPA). There is no time or duration limit, so you can plan on partaking in SeattleParagliding's ongoing program of instruction.

For more information call us at 206.387.3477 or e mail us at marc@seattleparagliding.com
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